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Hi. My name is Santino. I'm an artist and writer from Vancouver, Canada.

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Who am I? And what am I up to?

Hi there. Thanks for checking out my website. My name is Santino and I was born in Vancouver, Canada. I came into the world in 1990 and have since lived a storied life as an artist and writer. I am constantly exploring different mediums and methods for creating artwork. Writing and art-making is more than just a hobby for me. The artistic process is a way of life and is fundamental to who I am and how I choose to live in the world. Every new creation allows me access to a deeper understanding of my truth and identity. I consider myself to be something of a philosopher and I see art-making as crucial to the development of my personal philosophy.

As a painter, I am inspired by the Abstract and Neo-Expressionists. I paint in order to discover myself; to discern what is true from what is false; and what is real from what is fake. My work explores ideas related to freedom, truth and identity in a chaotic age.

My practice is built around the Japanese aesthetic philosophy of Wabi-sabi, a worldview centered on acceptance of transience and imperfection. My work is guided by principles that include roughness, asymmetry and simplicity. My art is usually abstract and conceptual, driven by intuition and emotion. I am keenly aware of the state of the world and my role in it as an artist. I see it as my duty to bare witness while expressing the truth as I experience it. I strive to make work that is life-affirming and mind expanding.

I am available for commissions. If you would like to hire me to create a custom painting, please contact me.

My work explores ideas of freedom, identity and truth.

I believe that art can be used to change the world and that I can contribute to the expansion of consciousness through my art.

"Art is a means of surival."

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